How name your cat

Have you recently adopted a cat, but don’t know what to name him or her? Have you been trying to come up with a name for your furry friend, but drawing blanks? Are you wondering what other people have been naming their cats? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Obviously cat owners vary in what names they choose for their cats. Every feline is different, so their names must be unique, as well! However, there are some very popular cat names out there that cat owners prefer! Some general popular male cat names include Austin, Toby, Leo, Milo, Gus, Alex, Gavin, Sammy, Jasper, and Smokey. Some people choose to name their male cats based off of fictional characters. Some of these cute, fictional-character inspired names for male cats include Tigger, from Disney’s Oliver and Company; Tigger, from the cartoon, Winnie the Pooh; Garfield, from the popular comic strip; and Simba, from Disney’s The Lion King. In addition to fictional characters, other owners still draw inspiration from other things. Names such as Harley, Whiskers, and Hershey are also quite well used!

Two American Curl kittens, 3 months old, sitting with their mum in front of white background

            Female cat names can sometimes be harder to come by, but there are still plenty out there! Some popular female cat names include Sophie, Buttons, Charley, Angel, Molly, Ellie, and Maisy. Some female cat owners tend to name their cats based on their physical colors or markings. Some of these names include Patches, Amber, Oreo, Ginger, or Mittens. Another common way that cat owners name their cats is based on objects, such as flowers. These names might include Daisy, Petal, Lily, Bluebell, Daffodil, and Petunia.

Now that you have some popular name suggestions, how do you choose one? Well first, think of a name that won’t be too hard for your cat to remember. While it doesn’t have to be an extremely short, one-syllable word, you definitely want to stay away from long, complicated names that might be hard for your cat to understand and remember. Another tip for naming your cat is choosing a name that isn’t too hard for you to say, or too close to another of your pet’s names. For example, if you have if you have a dog named Daisy, chances are that if you name your new cat Maisy, it will get very confusing for them both! Lastly, don’t rush into choosing a name for your cat. It’s tempting to go to the vet right after getting your cat, and registering a name for him or her. But, if you wait awhile, you can try out different names, and see what works best for both you and your feline!