Cat are the most treasured among pets. They keep us company when we are lonely, they cheer us up when we are sad, they celebrate with us when we are happy and they commiserate with us when we are in bad mood. Since female cats are this important to their owners, there is need to give them befitting names. List for choosing girl cat names :

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Tips For Choosing Female Cat Names

  • Learn more about the personality: when choosing a female cat name, it is important to know that they vary in breeds. Within breed, they may still be little differences among them. Some female cats are naturally active while others are lazy and calm. Some may want to sit on the owner’s lap all day while others prefer to be on their own. All these traits are to be considered carefully before choosing a name for your female cat. This will enable you to choose a name that befit the cats personality.
  • Consider the cat appearance: It is also important to choose a female cat name based on its appearance. Though some cats appearance may be different from their personality. If you are able to get a name that suits both its appearance and personality, then it will be a wonderful cat name.
  • Research the breed history: In choosing a name for your female cat, it is good to always go extra mile to know more about the cat’s breed. This can give the inspiration to choose a name based on the breed history.
  • Consider the cat’s dignity: When choosing a girl cat name, it is important to choose name that will boost the image, self-esteem and dignity of the cat. Calling female cats name like Fluffy or Poopsie may make them feel disrespected and become self conscious. This will gradually make them loose their respect for you.

Top 20 girl cat names