Top 10 Female Cat Names

Selecting a female cat name is very important, a good name can boost the morale, dignity, self respect and inspire more loyalty in your cat

  • Chloe : Chloe is the name given to larger breed of female cats. They are concerned with pleasing their owners and are always calm and care free. They have a loyal and loving personality.


  • Lily: Lily are dainty and agile feminine cats. They are usually very beautiful and they can jump on things, scatter things around but never knock anything down. These cats always prefer the company of women and they are very lovely.


  • Bella: Bella are  very loyal, agile and graceful. They are over pampered and spoilt. Bella are small and pretty and they always need attention of their owners. Sometimes, their nails are painted an they are groomed and dressed up.


  • Lucy: Lucy are spoilt cats that are loved and given attention. This is because of the fact that they are smarts and can easily solve problems. They always at alert and are always aware of what is happening in the house.


  • Lola: Cats that are named Lola are often very thoughtful and friendly. They are very lovable and particularly they are rational in all their dealings. Lola will always evaluate situations before jumping into it.


  • Sophie: Sophie is the name given to people oriented cats that prefer the company of people to other cats. They are creative and playful. They are very sincere and sweet.


  • Luna: Cats name Luna can be very mysterious and quiet. They enjoy serenity and calmness, they always prefer to be left alone.


  • Callie: This is the name given to cats that are calico coloured – that is there have three colours. Genetically, all calico coloured cats are female and they are always beautiful.


  • Zoe: This is the name given to cats that quiet and thoughtful. They seem to read the mind sometimes and prefer the company of their owners to anything else. They are great leaders.


  • Princess: The name princess is often associated with smaller breed of cats that have lot of charisma.  They always like to look pretty and are dressed in pink collars .