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Choosing a cat name

If you have a new kitten at home, of you expect to have one soon, surely you've had a thought about what to name it. This is an important part of having a pet, as it's recommended that they know they name since the beginning and learn to recognize it. Cat names are enormously varied, which one will you choose?

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Recommendations for naming your Cat

Naming your pet is lots of fun, (and sometimes a bit tricky for all the family), but there's a couple of important things to have in mind when we make the decision:

  • It should be a memorable name for the kitten, avoid very long and strange names!
  • A lot of animals, will have a better reaction to one or two syllables, so instead of calling your kitten “Turquiti” try “Turqui” for a better response.
  • We recommend avoiding names that might confuse them at the time of training, such as “sit” or “lie”.

How would you like the name to be?

We have plenty of fun and creative cat names on this site. You'll be able to find the perfect name to fit your cat's personality! We have gathered a long list of short, long, fun, cute, black and weird name for any breed, male or females for you to choose.

Most popular cat names 2017

Can I be totally honest with you? Cats are one of the best man companions and giving your cat the right name is undoubtedly a good and significant thing. Picture this; you are the sports type, and you own a cat, there are chances that you may be taking him along to games and guess what? Giving such cat a sports name crowns it all. I know the feeling when you own a cat and get home from a hectic work only to have your cat’s name resounding in your mouth, perhaps you can't stay without him.
Look; there is no denying that your cat deserves not just a name, but a familiar name that depicts your style and personality. Most cat owners tend to choose a cat name that based on their sense of humor, personality and interests. Cat names are more like human names, often; some parents opt for famous names while others go for non-popular names. This is applicable in the cat’s world, a pet lover who owns a pet can choose to go for trendy or nonpopular cat names. Below are some categories of the most popular cat names in 2017, you may want to pick up one for that lovely cat you just got yourself.

Female cat names

Some of these famous cat names have been in existence for a long time but seem to be trendy in 2017. 'Shadow' which is a popular name for the male cat became popular in 1993 when Homeward, a famous movie was launched. Likewise the name 'Tigger', it has also been popular for a long time but seems to more famous in 2017. The cat name Tigger arguably originates from a movie ‘Winnie the Pooh’ where Tigger played a role of a tiger that was an emotional and playful character. As compared to most cats, they are playful, and this name goes right for the male cats especially. Here's the point, most of these names have their popularities dated back to some years ago and have resurfaced again to be trendy in 2017.
While personality and interests differ, some pet lovers prefer to call their cat, popular names. The person who loves sports and takes the cat along during sports or perhaps owns a sports cat could choose from the list of famous sports cat names in 2017 below.

Male cat names

Top 10 Female Cat Names

Selecting a female cat name is very important, a good name can boost the morale, dignity, self respect and inspire more loyalty in your cat Chloe : Chloe is the name given to larger breed of female cats. They are concerned with pleasing their owners and are always calm and care free. They have a loyal and loving personality.   Lily: Lily are dainty and agile feminine cats. They are … Continuar leyendo