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Choosing a cat name

If you have a new kitten at home, of you expect to have one soon, surely you've had a thought about what to name it. This is an important part of having a pet, as it's recommended that they know they name since the beginning and learn to recognize it. Cat names are enormously varied, which one will you choose?

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Recommendations for naming your Cat

Naming your pet is lots of fun, (and sometimes a bit tricky for all the family), but there's a couple of important things to have in mind when we make the decision:

  • It should be a memorable name for the kitten, avoid very long and strange names!
  • A lot of animals, will have a better reaction to one or two syllables, so instead of calling your kitten “Turquiti” try “Turqui” for a better response.
  • We recommend avoiding names that might confuse them at the time of training, such as “sit” or “lie”.

Female cat names

Male cat names

How would you like the name to be?

We have plenty of fun and creative cat names on this site. You'll be able to find the perfect name to fit your cat's personality! We have gathered a long list of short, long, fun, cute, black and weird name for any breed, male or females for you to choose.

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How name your cat

Have you recently adopted a cat, but don’t know what to name him or her? Have you been trying to come up with a name for your furry friend, but drawing blanks? Are you wondering what other people have been naming their cats? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Obviously cat owners vary in what names they choose for their cats. Every feline is different, so their names must … Continuar leyendo